A Taste of Ketchum

For the Fourth of July this year, my family and I headed up to Sun Valley, Idaho to spend a few days vacationing together. Family vacations are usually interesting for me. I handle my family well when I have my space, but when I’m crammed into tight quarters with them, it becomes much more difficult. So I was a little worried about this vacation, and despite a few run-ins, the trip actually turned out to be quite nice.

My mom and I arrived in Ketchum late in the day on Thursday, July 1. My dad and sister had arrived earlier in the day, but due to my mom’s work obligations and my need to be in class, we weren’t able to leave until later. At any rate, we started the trip off right with a nice meal at a Mexican restaurant in Ketchum. I ordered a chicken quesadilla, and I must say, it was quite delectable.

As the trip progressed, I found that the more pictures I took of Ketchum, the more I loved this little town – so much so, in fact, that I one day hope to buy a small condo in the town. With Tully’s Coffee on the corner across from where we were staying, I loved getting up each morning and enjoying some coffee delight while diving headlong into a good book.

There was so much that I loved about Ketchum, it’s really quite difficult to sum it up in words. Ketchum has enough in town that you can get everything you need, but not so much that you feel lost. In fact, Ketchum is small enough that you can literally walk everywhere you need to go, even up into Sun Valley, which is only about two miles up the road.

I think one of the major perks to this trip for me was the nostalgia that came with Ketchum and Sun Valley. When we were younger, my sister and I (and our parents) went on at least two trips to Sun Valley that I remember, often with family friends. And it was on those trips that I built such fond memories of this amazing place, and those memories came surging back on this trip.

Overall, the trip to Ketchum was quite enjoyable. Although the major disappointment for me was that, despite the fact that it was the Fourth of July weekend, I didn’t see one fireworks show. I was either in bed (on the 3rd), or in the hot tub (on the 4th), both times not expecting the fireworks show to happen when it did. So I was somewhat gipped this year, but it was nevertheless a good trip. I definitely think this will become more of a tradition.

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