A young woman is captivated by a story she's reading. In this open letter to millennials, S. Wyatt Young encourages millennials to pick up the old book their parents threw out and become a part of a bigger story.

An Open Letter to Millennials Just Like Me

Dear Millennial,

Yes, you. The one who has no idea who you are or how you fit into this world. You conjure up grandiose dreams of becoming a “somebody,” but your story’s all about you. You live in a world disconnected from a grander narrative of family, tradition, and ultimate purpose because your parents rejected all traditions for simply┬ábeing┬átraditions. I know this because I┬áam you. Like you, I want to be a somebody. Like you, I want a sense of grander narrative and purposeÔÇöand I’ve found it.

Do you want a story that’s about more than just you? A story that invites you into something deeper, a narrative fabric that’s been unfolding since the world began? Then dig through that attic trunk. Visit a local bookstore. Wipe off that dusty old brown book with B-I-B-L-E etched across the front. Crack open the freshly gilded pages of that faux leather find. And read it.

You’ll read of wars, rapes, murders, adulterous affairs, meaningless religion, and a humanity hellbent on running from God. But in the midst of the chaos, in the midst of the suffering, you’ll read of a God who is still at work, persistent in love and faithful to the end. You’ll read of a Man in whom God went to infinite length to have a relationship with liars, adulterers, rapists, murderers, porn addicts…people who were lost, people who wanted to be a part of a bigger story but had no idea how to get there.

You’ll read a story that’s not about you, and yet through the kinds of people woven into the narrative fabric of that dusty old book, you’ll find people who are just like you, people who wanted a story and became part of the biggest story of all.

Warmly Yours,
S. Wyatt Young